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About VO Connect

With your teams help we can build a stronger local community! 

VO Connect offers a wide range of group volunteering opportunities for employees. We work with companies and government agencies of any size to who want to have meaningful impact in the community, while also engaging in a win/win team building activity.   

We have the connections! Whether you want a three-hour event for 10 employees or multiple events throughout the year for 50-1,000 employees, VO has connections to the local not-for-profit community to ensure that your team finds the right volunteer engagement.  

We offer the support you need! 

Our cost-effective services include but are not limited to: 

  • Sourcing of volunteer opportunities 
  • Activity guide
  • Photography 
  • Recognition strategies 
  • And more! 

*Prices vary and are dependent on the size of the group, number of activities and services required

What is Employer Supported Volunteerism (ESV)? 

Employer-supported volunteerism (ESV) refers to employers supporting their staff to volunteer their time and skills within working hours to give back to their community. Employee-supported volunteerism is a great way for companies to both fulfill their social responsibility mandates and provide their employees with benefits that directly relate to their social well-being. 

Here are just a few benefits of organizing a group volunteer event:  

  • Build social awareness and a better understanding of our community
  • Match employees to passions 
  • Generate team building: Work towards a common goal  
  • Increase market visibility: Putting a human face to your name 

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