Volunteer Mover (Rural/Eastern Ontario)
Volunteer Types: Emergency Services, Transportation of goods, Transportation of people
Organization types: Community and Social Services, Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Women
Long term (6 months to a year)
Application Deadline: November 30, 2023
Posted on:

Access to moving and storage services are a significant barrier to fleeing abuse. In remote/rural areas this barrier is further reinforced due to lack of resources that are readily available. SMO has expanded into Lanark County and surrounding areas. We are actively recruiting volunteers who live in these rural areas, specifically in Lanark County and Kemptville. Movers are an integral part of why we are able to support our clients in overcoming these barriers. Our selfless volunteer movers are the ‘helping hands’ and ’boots on the ground’ devoting time and energy to help those who’ve found the courage to leave. We’d love to have you on our team!

Meet the volunteer team (including other Movers) at an arranged time and place
Maintain communication with Lead Mover and Movers
Respect client confidentiality
Uphold Shelter Movers’ protocols and procedures
Be aware of trauma-informed care when interacting with clients (training will be provided)
Work with private security and law enforcement (led by Lead Mover) when necessary
Children may accompany clients on a move, but volunteers do not provide child care and have limited interaction with children. Child care and supervision is provided by clients or our agency partners.

Time Commitment
We offer flexible scheduling. Movers can join us on moves based on their own availability by signing up for moves, as their schedules permit. Most moves average around 4 hours, depending on distance and complexity. A minimum of 2 moves a month is encouraged.

– No previous experience or education is required
– Access to e-mail and phone
– Must be 18 years old or older
– Maturity and good judgement
– Ability to remain calm in potentially stressful situations, to be flexible, adapt to changes while working as team
– Movers are expected to maintain confidentiality and provide trauma-informed care to clients (training is provided), and have regular check-ins with staff to support continuous improvement.
– Complete a brief interview
– Attend one of our Orientation Sessions and sign a confidentiality agreement
– Provide a recent police record check (not valid for dates > 1yr).

Responsabilités :
● Rencontrer l’équipe de bénévoles à un moment et un endroit convenu;
● Faire entrer et sortir les effets personnels du client dans les véhicules;
● Maintenir la communication avec le responsable des déménagements et les autres déménageurs;
● Respecter la confidentialité des clients;
● Respecter les protocoles et les procédures de Transit Secours;
● Être conscient de l’importance de la prise en charge des traumatismes lors des interactions avec les clients (une formation sera offerte);
● Le cas échéant, travailler avec les services de sécurité privée et les services de police (sous la direction du responsable des déménagements);
● Être capable de soulever un minimum de 20 lb.
Les enfants peuvent accompagner les clients lors d’un déménagement, mais les bénévoles ne fournissent pas de services de garde et ont une interaction limitée avec les enfants. La garde et la surveillance des enfants sont assurées par les clients ou nos agences partenaires.

Temps nécessaire à l’engagement :
Nous offrons des horaires flexibles. Les déménageurs peuvent nous accompagner lors des déménagements de deux façons :
● en s’inscrivant pour un déménagement à la fois, dans la mesure où leur emploi du temps le permet, et/ou :
● en s’engageant à respecter un horaire hebdomadaire ou mensuel régulier.
La plupart des déménagements durent en moyenne 4 heures, en fonction de la distance et de la complexité. Un minimum de 2 déménagements par mois est encouragé.

Compétences et connaissances essentielles :
● Aucune expérience ou formation antérieure n’est requise;
● Accès au courrier électronique et au téléphone;
● Être en mesure de soulever un minimum de 20 lb;
● Être en mesure de soulever des boîtes et des meubles modérément lourds avec l’aide d’autres déménageurs;
● Les déménageurs doivent être âgés d’au moins 18 ans;
● Être une personne sur qui l’ont peut compter au travail;
● Être mature et faire preuve de jugement;
● Capacité à rester calme dans des situations potentiellement stressantes;
● Capacité à être flexible et à s’adapter aux changements;
● Posséder d’excellentes compétences en matière de communication verbale;
● La maîtrise d’une deuxième langue est un atout.
Les déménageurs sont tenus de respecter la confidentialité et de fournir des soins aux clients en tenant compte des traumatismes (une formation sera offerte), et doivent communiquer régulièrement avec le personnel afin de soutenir l’amélioration continue.

How to apply:
To express your interest in this role, please email [email protected], and quote “mover” in the subject line. We will provide you with instructions for next steps!

How will this opportunity benefit the volunteer?
You’ll gain hands-on experience on the front lines of our organization, providing moving and storage services for our clients. You’ll receive training in preparation for your role, and have access to ongoing training opportunities. You’ll work with a great team of passionate volunteers and supporters. Movers who complete 3 moves within the previous 3 months can receive a confirmation of volunteering. Shelter Movers volunteers must complete an interview process, attend an orientation for new volunteers, in addition to signing a confidentiality agreement and obtaining a criminal record check.
How will the organization benefit?
Shelter Movers is a volunteer powered organization founded in response to Gender Based Violence in our communities. We are able to provide a much needed services because of our passionate volunteers. Expanding our team of Volunteer Movers allows us to complete a greater number of moves. Increase in the number of volunteers translates into us being able to help even more families as they transition to a new, safe and secure home. Come join our fantastic team!


Volunteer Services
@Shelter Movers
Time it will take to contact applicants:


This position would be great for: Adults, Families, Newcomers to Canada, Young Adults (19-24)
Number of Positions Available: 10
Good for people interested in: Emergency Services, Transportation of goods, Transportation of people
You will be helping with: Children (0-10 years), Disadvantaged, First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Indigenous persons, Homeless, LGBTQI2+, Men, Persons new to Canada, Persons with disabilities or medical conditions, Seniors, Visible minorities or racialized persons, Women, Youth (11-15 years), Youth (16-18 years), Youth (19-24 years)

Volunteer Considerations

  • Police record check required
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