Renew your VO Membership

Volunteers are more important than ever in bringing our community together, and it’s Volunteer Ottawa’s mission to connect them to your organization.

Learn, Gather, and Recover with us as we continue to address the pandemic’s impact on volunteering and not-for-profits in Ottawa. Renew your Volunteer Ottawa Membership for the 2024-25 year and let us continue helping your organization deliver on its mission.

Renew to keep your access to: 

Unlimited volunteer recruitment on Ottawa’s #1 most-searched volunteer site

First in line for participant space at VO’s virtual and in-person volunteer recruitment events  

Expert-led workshops, webinars, and learning opportunities designed for staff and volunteers in the sector

Amplification on social media and in newsletters so your stories and posts have a broader reach

Renew your membership

Renewing your membership is easy, and can be done any time before March 31, the end of VO’s membership year. If you choose to pay by cheque, the transaction will only be processed once the cheque arrives at VO offices.

Start by logging in.

If your organizational revenue has changed in the last year, or if you are not sure you’re in the correct bracket, start by choosing one of the revenue brackets below.

If your revenue category is the same as last year, you can jump to the Quick Renew option. 

If your revenue bracket has changed

Choose the appropriate annual revenue bracket:

Annual Revenue: Over $1M

Annual Revenue: $501K – $1M

Annual Revenue: $251K – $500K

Annual Revenue: $76K – $250K

Annual Revenue:
$0 – $75K

Quick Renew

If your revenue bracket is the same as last year

  1. Go to My Account
  2. In the My Account main page, go to Subscriptions
  3. Beside the subscription you wish to renew, click the blue text “Renew”
  4. Confirm the details in the registration form, which will be automatically filled in based on your current account information
  5. Click “Sign up” and go through the checkout process

Your organization is now renewed!


Questions about membership and renewal? Email us at [email protected] or book a video call with our membership team.


VO has added all kinds of new tools, benefits, and functionalities for members in the past year. Once you’re renewed, visit our Membership Checklist page and follow the steps to get the most out of your 2023-24 membership!