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Beyond the Board: not-for-profit staff and effective governance


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September 16, 2022 9:00 am
September 16, 2022 12:00 pm

Volunteer board members and NFP staff are passionate about their roles in the organizations and causes they serve. In this Volunteer Ottawa workshop, we will explore the full scope of not-for-profit governance as a system that includes, but is not limited to, board mechanics. We will map out current governance systems and identify opportunities to better align governance roles with the values, competencies and capacity of their organizations.

Learning Goals

Participants in this workshop will

  • Be introduced to or reminded of the full scope of not-for profit governance, as something broader than ‘boards.’ 

  • Gain familiarity of ways in which staff members can have positive impacts in the governance of the organizations they work in. 

  • Acquire knowledge of how a governance system can promote best practices on Board – ED – Staff relations. 

  • Be familiarized with the concept of ‘governance system design’ and its applications for staff and boards. 

  • Explore areas of tension in non-profit governance and possible design alternatives that lead to better working relationships between board and staff. 

  • Chart out ways towards a more engaging, effective and energizing decision-making in your non-profit. 

Who should attend?

Staff members, Executives, and Board members of not-for-profits.

What to bring?

This interactive session will be carried out live online through the Zoom platform, please make sure to have a Zoom-capable PC or Mac and, if possible, a microphone and camera to interact with other participants and the facilitator.

Date and time

Friday, September 16, from 9 am until Noon.

About the instructor

Nicole Gagliardi is a nonprofit consultant who helps values-driven organizations create meaningful change with less stress and drama. Nicole is the co-founder of Rise+Run, a social enterprise dedicated to building sustainable capacity in the nonprofit sector. Nicole believes that small nonprofits need a new model for success. With the team at Rise+Run, their work challenges the assumptions and norms that limit impact and lead to burnout, designing simple solutions that help small organizations thrive in a complex world.

Beyond the Board: not-for-profit staff and effective governance


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This event has passed