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In Canada there are close to 100,000 registered Non-Profits (NFPs), which represent 12% of all Canadian jobs and provide invaluable services to our communities. All NFPs must have a board of directors, which are made up exclusively of volunteers. These boards are vital to the NFP sector. However, NFPs often struggle to recruit, onboard, and retain board members.

Volunteer Ottawa’s self-paced community and board leadership training courses (online modules) help develop more knowledgeable and engaged board volunteers who will do better board work and bring greater good into the community. For decades, Volunteer Ottawa has been training boards and helping with board recruitment and board volunteer matching. Thanks to past grants and new partnerships we have developed a robust curriculum of Board Leadership training designed as one or two self-paced, interactive, learning opportunities.


  • Self-Paced, participants can complete sessions in their own time 
  • Two Training Versions: The Board Leadership Fundamentals program and the Board Leadership Insights program
  • Curricula is available in English and French  
  • Created by sector experts
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