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Our Vision: The Mental Illness Caregivers Association will ensure that family caregivers have awareness of and access to resources that provide meaningful support for themselves and lifelong care for their loved ones with mental illness. Our Mission: Our mission is to identify gaps through consultation with the caregiver community, and to narrow those gaps with the help of appropriate partners who we encourage to strengthen their programs and/or services by including the caregiver perspective. We facilitate the development and implementation of solutions that result in enhanced caregiver capacity to tend to their own well-being and that of their loved ones. We do this by bringing caregivers together to work with our partners to achieve a lasting and positive impact on quality of life. Objectives: Assisting caregivers in the navigation of the mental health and/or addiction system to locate services. Organizing facilitated peer support group meetings and workshops. Family educational workshops. Actively recruiting, training and supporting volunteers to assist the functioning of MICA and to become knowledgeable and valued members of their mental health/addiction community. Establishing collaborative partnerships with health care organizations to provide education and public awareness.
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