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Board Governance

Below you will find our selection of Not-For-Profit Governance workshops that are offered throughout the year.

Board 101: A First View

This short workshop offers a first look at becoming a board member for a charity or non-profit organization. The workshop invites you to a conversation about what is asked of you as a board member. Participants will develop confidence and understand how they can make an effective contribution to the board of an organization.

Instructor: TBD
Cost: Members – $90.00, Non-Members – $145.00


Board 201 – A complete look at being on a Board of Directors

Whether you are currently on a Board of Directors with a not-for-profit or charitable organization or you’re seeking a position on a Board, this is the one “must-take workshop” for ensuring effective leadership and accountability. Effective governance is a crucial element of an organization’s success. During this full-day workshop, you will learn about governance and board structures, and practical ways to contribute effectively to your board.

Instructor: TBD
Cost: Members – $195.00, Non-Members – $295.00


Legal Check-up: Duties and Liabilities of Directors and Officers of Charities and Not-For-Profits

Being a member of a board or officer of a charity or not-for-profit (NFP) is a big responsibility. Along with the volunteer commitment comes a number of duties, responsibilities and liabilities to the organization and to yourself as a director or officer. As part of fulfilling your duties as a director or officer of a charity or NFP, it is important to be able to identify the areas of risk that your organization may face and take steps to manage those risks. This session will help you to understand your duties and liabilities are so that you can comply with those obligations and reduce exposure to liability. 

Instructor: Esther Shainblum
Cost: Members – $90.00, Non-Members – $145.00


Diversifying revenue in not-for-profits – a primer for senior executives and board members

Ottawa’s non-profit organizations are facing significant challenges in the current climate of scarce resources. They are dealing with considerable cuts in traditional funding sources and their ability to generate funds through conventional means is also rapidly diminishing.  This workshop has been developed to overcome these challenges. It will help senior executives and board members to develop strategies to pursue innovative ways of doing business and generating revenue. Using case studies, participants will examine key issues to consider in identifying new program and financing opportunities including organizational culture change, risk management, business strategies, forming creative partnerships and social entrepreneurship.

Instructor: Marie Eveline
Cost: Members – $90.00, Non-Members – $145.00


How to Read Financial Statements

Working in the not-for-profit sector, we are constantly being challenged to do more with less, to reach more stakeholders and vulnerable people while funding sources are drying up. This means we have to get really good at monitoring our finances. This workshop will teach you how to read your organization’s balance statement and apply some basic health metrics, how to read your income statement and complete variance analysis, how to interpret your statement of cash flows, what your auditors will be looking for, and more. You will leave with the skills to monitor the financial health of your organization. This seminar is suitable for executive directors, program managers, and board members.

Instructor: John Gilhooly, MBA, CPA-CA, CIA, CRMA
Cost: Members – $90.00, Non-Members – $145.00


Organizational Risk Management

Every organization faces numerous risks. In the not-for-profit sector, some common risks include theft, fundraising fraud, reputational harm, regulatory compliance, injury, and property damage. To ensure that you can continue to meet your organizational mandate, you need to identify and mitigate the risks which face your own organization. This workshop will introduce you to the terminology and concepts of risk management, address some of the common risks faced by not-for-profit organizations, and teach you how to manage risks in your organization.

Instructor: Darren Budd
Cost: Members – $90.00, Non-Members – $145.00

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